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—  A little about ME--but it's really ALL ABOUT YOU...

Brian D. Argyle is a photographer immersed in the super, natural beauty of British Columbia's Vancouver Island, just off the west coast of Canada.

Since switching from 35mm film cameras almost twenty years ago, my passion for digital photography has grown steadily—along with the capabilities of today's cameras.

But as you know, photography is as much about 'having a good eye' as it is about what camera you use.  And while I wholeheartedly agree, when a stunning shot presents itself, having 'killer' equipment certainly doesn't hurt...

Although I've been using cameras most of my life, my photography really took off after we starting travelling over the winters, back around 2004.  My career focus had been in IT and Management with medium to large corporations and my own businesses, including a computer store, two Alberta Registries agencies in Calgary and a Hotrod shop in Airdrie.

Special Interest Vehicles and Photography have both been lifelong pursuits.  After decades of owning street rods and other collector cars, when I shoot one I can appreciate what's in front of me...

Nowadays on Vancouver Island, I'm a freelance photographer for magazines and newspapers but also available for just about any photographic assignment except underwater shoots.

Photography and Lightroom classes are also offered, regularly scheduled, typically running one day a week for four weeks.  But we can organize workshops or presentations to meet the needs of any size group as well as personalized, one-on-one tutoring.

Photo walks or visits to spectacular venues are offered for landscape, night, sports or wildlife shoots.  Costs for personal photo tours are typically $300/half-day or $500/day for one or two people.  Use the Contact area at the bottom of the page to get in touch!

For the past 15 years, most of my winters have been spent in the southern US, Mexico, Europe or other parts of the world.  You can find other examples of my images online at 500px as well as examples of my magazine work for OASIS.

If you're decorating your home, hotel, office or restaurant with a theme in mind—any theme—chances are I have a series of photos from my collection of well over 120,000 images which would look great on your walls. From Conference Room to Laundry Room, images are available in any size on paper, canvas, metal or acrylic.  I have done images—so far—up to nine feet wide. Logos or text can be added to make any image convey the message you want!

Example themes could be West Coast scenics, SouthWestern red rock landscapes, cityscapes—old European or Ultra modern—wildlife, sports, abandoned buildings or vehicles, hotrods & exotic cars or airplanes.  You name it!

Speaking of 'killer' equipment, in January 2014—as an early adopter of new technology—I ‘bit the bullet’ and made the jump from Canon DSLR's to Sony Mirrorless cameras.  My primary camera is now a SONY A7R3, with 42 megapixels and an assortment of lenses from 14mm wide angle to 300 mm telephoto, with aperture ranges that can make backgrounds milky soft or tack sharp, as needed.

 Using electronic shutter mode my camera can shoot silently, which makes it ideal for situations where the clicking of a camera might be a distraction.  In addition to it's excellent low-light capabilities, external lighting with radio triggered flash or LED expands my shooting flexibility.

Please don't hesitate to contact me, whatever your photographic needs may be.  I'm always delighted to be involved and love to travel.  So send me a message, below, and let's get started! 




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